'South Korea fired back at Japan over a deepening trade dispute on Friday, pledging it would not be "defeated again" by its neighbor,...'

국가의 수장이라는 놈이 외교적 수사는 일그램도 없이 저렇게 바락바락 노발대발을 하니.. 댓글들을 읽는데 분노가 치미네요. 맥락을 놓치지 않으면서 얼마든지 세련된 수사를 사용할 수도 있는 건데 정말 한숨을 안 쉴 수가 없어요. '대통령'은 저렇게 광분해선 안 돼요. 그건 대중의 자생적인 반응일 수 있어도 대통령은 오히려 분노한 국민을 진정시키는 것처럼 연기를 해야죠. 어디서 선동질을. 대중에 호응하는 것이 불가피한 사정을 근거로 얼마든지 한국이 역사의 피해자임을 설득력있게 호소하는 방법이 있습니다. 세상이 점점 정치적으로 올바른 방향으로 진화하고 있으니까요. 미국만 해도 고작 1-2년 전에 모두가 콧웃음을 쳤을 '노예제 보상' 담론이 나오고 있잖아요? 일제강점기보다 훨씬 옛날의 역사에 대해 포괄적인 보상언급이 나오고 있는 마당에 비록 세계 강국 중에서 식민지배가 불법이었음을 인정하고 사죄한 나라는 한 군데도 없지만 세련된 표현으로 핵심을 짚고 얘기할 수 있는 일이라고 생각해요. 저렇게 무식하게 광분을 하니 dude get over it같은 반응을 유발하죠. 일본언론이라고 일본만 이렇게 생각할까요? 문재인처럼 반응하면 Korea fatigue가 바로 저런거구나 아마 감을 좀 잡을 겁니다. 이런 댓글이 나오는 이유가 정확하게 뭔지 아세요? 저런 발언을 한국의 '대통령'이 한다는 겁니다. 자발적인 대중의 반응은 있을 수 있으나 대통령이 선동하는 건 결코 동북아에 위치한 고도의 민주주의국가답지 않아요. 

With all due respect, President Moon, please live in the present. WWII ended 74 years ago.

I think by doing all of these stupid moves, sk is once again being defeated by Japan. I mean come on now, it's already 74 years. My country was once victim of Japanese colonization too, I heard terrible stories from my grandmother. But my country never brainwash us to hate japan. It's over. The compensation received and we both moved on.

I am a Hong Konger, I need to say, S Korea and China have been playing passive aggressive. Japan apologised, they said, “not sincere”, Japan offered compensation, they said no, but under the table they asked you to invest with no return into their countries plus technology transfer.
I urge Japan to ignore this kind of historic and political blackmail, enough is enough!

What the f*ck is going on? Why the heck do korean politicians throw a mood tantrum and do all the hate-spread against Japan? Bored? Drugged? No lovelive? 

More likely, the fish stinks from the head and with Moon Jae-in talking absolute nonsense about 
defeat (defeat in what?!?) it gets more and more likely, they have to urgently distract the public attention from something. I wouldn't be surprised if we see another business scandal with top korean politicians involved and getting arrested.

This is getting ridiculous now. They're going to destabilize the region over this?? How many times does Japan have to apologize? Yes, the things they did were horrible and beyond reasoning. It was a different Japan then, just like it was a different Germany at the same time. They've both paid their prices to the world for what they did. Move on, and let's all get along already.

The Korean did some fucked up things in Vietnam during the War and did we cried for compensation every fucking year???? No. Korean apology and me move on to the better future for both countries.

Your fear and insecuries clearly show that you are already 'again' defeated. Stop whinning and grow up!

Read the article, it’s beautiful how the Koreans keep screwing themselves over.

How about deal with your crazy brothers and sisters up north instead of butting heads with people that clearly aren’t the same people in WWII.

"Somewhere unwritten poems wait, like lonely lakes not seen by anyone.”