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[Biopolymer basalt composite -a material developed from crops like corn and sugar cane - tested and validated by NASA to be (at minimum) 50% stronger and more durable than concrete. This material has the potential to be leaps and bounds more sustainable than traditional concrete and steel, leading to a future in which we can eliminate the building industry’s massive waste of unrecyclable materials. It could transform the way we build on Earth - and save our planet.] 

옥수수와 사탕수수를 재료로 한 이 생물 고분자 물질은 시멘트보다 50% 강하고 오래 지속. 시멘트 건물은 해체하면 80%가 산업쓰레기이지만 이건 재활용이 된다고 해요. 3D기계로 건물을 짓는데 디자인도 멋집니다. 

"Somewhere unwritten poems wait, like lonely lakes not seen by anyone.”