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The World of the Creative Thought



Neither the government under which you live nor the capitalistic or competitive system of industry can keep you from getting rich. When you enter upon the creative plane of thought you will rise above all these things and become a citizen of another kingdom.

- Wallace D. Wattles



당신이 사는 정부, 혹은 자본주의적, 경쟁적 산업 시스템 당신이 부자가 되는 것을 막을 수가 없다. 당신이 사고라는 창조적인 차원으로 들어서게 되면, 당신은 모든 것을 초월하게 되고 결국 다른 왕국의 시민이 되는 것이다.


Spectrum of Living

( What kind of living spectrum do you prefer? ) ( Me? Love! )


No matter what the truth is, a man does live his own
world perceived ( 
see here ) according to his choice.


It’s not easy for us to get rich in these days. Though, some of people might become very rich persons in any times. There must be certain laws or principles that they can utilize without fail. Maybe, if we can learn from them, we all could be rich too.


Let’s learn the laws of getting rich.



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Sunny Kim

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