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Education, for most people, means trying to lead the child to resemble the typical adult of his society… But for me, education means making creators… You have to make inventors, innovators, not conformists.


- Jean Piaget (via nathanielstuart) (via booklover)




대부분의 사람들에게 있어서 교육은 어린이를 그가 속한 사회의 전형적인 성인을 닮도록 이끌려고 애쓰는 것을 의미한다. 하지만 내게 교육은 창의력이 있는 사람으로 지도하는 (숭고한) 일이다. 당신에게도 교육은 사회 순응자가 아닌 발명가, 혹은 혁신가로 키우는 것이어야만 한다.



To our sorry, we do not know what the human being exactly is. It seems to us that man or woman is a little superior to monkey. It’s a tragedy. Therefore, we don’t know how to teach a child. That’s the reason why we would make the child resemble the monkey like adult. If you don’t know the great specific capabilities of human being, let the nature lead the child. That’s much better!


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The urgent remedy on the current pathological education system is to give up Education, and return to the Nature.




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